Holistic Wellness and Preventative Care


Eliminate chronic symptoms

Personalized wellness plan for your child

Return to optimal health

You want to have a healthy, thriving child

You’re reading all of the information online, you’ve talked to your doctor and multiple specialists about the issues your child is experiencing, but nothing has worked.
You’re starting to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. You should have personalized help to support and help your child thrive.

You don’t have to
do it alone

When there is so much uncertainty surrounding children’s health, it can be confusing to know how to keep a child truly healthy and thriving. It gets more challenging when we add foreign symptoms like eczema, constipation, tantrums, etc. Understandably, it leaves a lot of parents wondering how they’re going to be able to navigate it all.
There are many preventative actions that can be taken as well as daily habits to establish that can put you on the correct track. I’ve helped hundreds of client families uncover underlying health issues that are placing limits on their life.

“Grateful to have her support…”

“Belinda is the most knowledgeable practitioner I have worked with on a wide range of subjects, including women’s health and children’s health. I feel so grateful to have her support in caring for my child whenever challenges arise.
Because of her support, I can parent confidently knowing I am doing everything I can (in multiple areas: diet, movement, etc.) to keep my family as healthy possible. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of some guidance with their children’s health.”

A Customized Plan Can Help Your Child Recover

Chronic illnesses are not always the end and we don’t have to be hopeless. The more preventative work you are able to do in childhood, the less work you will have to put in later.
As a mother, lifelong learner, and educator, I have committed myself to the continuation of holistic health. Holistic health is not always about fixing what has been damaged, rather it is important to have a healthy foundation that can be maintained throughout the duration of your life.

Did you know?

…that as of today, 54% of children are dealing with one or more chronic illnesses and that many of these illnesses can be prevented and or reversed? Healthy children are now a minority and it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are ways we can still save our children’s generation and the coming ones.


Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Each potential engagement with me begins with a complimentary consultation call to ensure my services are the right fit for your child.

Implement Your Customized Plan

My signature program is centered around a customized plan for meal and environmental planning to support your child’s wellness. We’ll check in each week to make sure you have support throughout.

Watch Your Child Thrive

As you follow the changes outlined in your customized plan, your child’s health will begin to improve..

“My only regret is not having gone to her sooner…”

“Belinda’s service is unlike anything else I’ve come across. It’s tailored for your specific situation. She offers so many resources that you can use to empower yourself as a parent/future parent. When I went to her for help, I felt lost, helpless and overwhelmed.
During my consultation she was very sweet and understanding and reassured me when I felt uneasy. No one in this industry cares as much as she does. Her passion, consistency, and wide array of knowledge is unlike anyone else I’ve found. My only regret is not having gone to her sooner. Belinda’s service is without a doubt underrated, underpriced, and under appreciated.”
Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Creating a Wellness Plan for Their Chronically Ill Child

Every child is unique. Your wellness plan for what goes in their body should be too.

Download my Free Resource on the Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make Creating a Wellness Plan for their Chronically Ill Child.
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