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The ONLY children's wellness plan  of it's kind online..

Holistic wellness for children.

Book a consultation with certified childrens holistic wellness practitioner Belinda Motaze.


Best for conditions such as chronic constipation, eczema, or allergies and more depending on their severity. 

Class leading lifestyle and nutrition plans personalised for children's health and wellness.

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*wellness plans are based on scientific research and evidence based information certified by the AADP and Epidemic answers.

The 1 hour intensive is a session that takes place via a one hour call, we focus on topics starting with healthy lifestyle changes. We will set in place practices that your child will carry through a lifetime. This consultation is tailored to you and your child’s specific needs. We can discuss mild chronic conditions and make a plan for nutrition. This is best for conditions such as chronic constipation, eczema, or allergies depending on their severity.

Investment of $800

You will receive..

Full Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

  • We will implement a tailored, nourishing, lifestyle and nutrition plan for your child to address their chronic conditions.

  • Specialised diets tailored to your child that have been highly rated among parents for addressing chronic illness.

  • Remove environmental toxicity from your environment and promote a clean space to promote wellness.

  • Perfect if you have a diagnosis and don’t know how to proceed without harsh creams and drugs or you suspect you know what’s going on, but your concerns are not being validated.

  • Address the root cause of symptoms of chronic illness in children and look for a long term solution.

  • Preventative actions will become daily habits to put your children on track to a healthy lifestyle they will carry for a lifetime.

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to implement a holistic lifestyle shift with a certified holistic wellness practitioner.

Let me help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to help your child towards a healthy and happy state. Book a call below.



Rated 5 out of 5

by parents for achieving results.

“I have known Belinda for the last couple of years, and I can honestly say she has helped me from day one.  She is genuinely invested in wanting to see others live healthier lives. Belinda does not sugar coat the truth, which is a rare commodity.


After many years of absorbing he free knowledge, I finally hired her to help me with my daughters gut health. She coached me, reassured me, and empowered me with the knowledge I needed to improve my whole family heal from ailments we always accepted as part of life. 


We are now on a path of healing, and we finally know what we're getting closer to thriving rather than just surviving. All this would not have been possible if Belinda was not there to hold my hand and urge me to want more for my life. I am so grateful for her and her services."


  • They received ACTIONABLE advice by a certified holistic wellness practitioner

  • They received lifestyle changes and nutrition plans tailored to their children's conditions.

  • They saved time searching through sources online.

  • They saw positive changes in their children's health.

  • They where not dismissed and told that symptoms are 'normal'.

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I will send you a questionnaire to fill out which will immediately be emailed to me 48 hours before our initial consultation.


This questionnaire will help me understand and have an idea of what your child needs are and prepare me to be more effective and we will jump straight on solutions that will help - because you've already waited long enough for results, right?

During the live call we will discuss in detail the answers from the questionnaire and I will make sure you understand the root cause of the problem and will give you customized suggestions on how to improve your child's health based on the combination of combining science with my holistic approaches.

We will close out our time together during a live call and assess the improvements you've seen in your child and I will give you more recommendations on how to maintain the changes.


If you find that you need a bit of additional support, a 6-week email support "add-on" is available. This add-on best suits parents who have  booked the one time call and have additional questions on how to maintain their new lifestyle. *Please note that this add-on does not come a meal plan at this time. 

  • Aware that proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle are important parts of keeping your child healthy but you have no idea how nor where to begin.

  • Tired of managing symptoms, you want to actually heal the issues. You want to find the root cause and address it.

  • Aware that you are an important part in your child's ability to heal and or stay healthy. You are willing to do the work at home and will put the time and other resources in the improve your child's ability to heal and stay healthy.

  • Aware this is a partnership. I will show you the ways but you will have to apply the knowledge to help your child. I will be here for you to ask me questions so you can understand exactly what to do  to keep your child healthy.


Every child has unique health circumstances, even siblings! If you’re seeking more individualized care for multiple children, there is the option to add on an additional child for $100, and each addition allots an extra 45 minutes for the consultation. 

If you  are constantly coming across questions you don’t have the answer to? From 10am-5pm EST, unlimited email support is provided for a duration of 6 weeks. This will allow for quick clarifications to be addressed for the purpose of ongoing support. 

$100/per child


Office Hours : Mon. - Fri. 10a - 4p