About Belinda


You prioritize holistic health for your patients.

You hope that your patients are:

Eating the right foods to help them grow and thrive
Taking in the nutrients they need to support their development
Getting the rest they need
Free of any toxins in the environment that may be causing symptoms
Symptom-free and thriving in all areas of their health

Can I help support your patients?

My certification as a health coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), my certification with Epidemic Answers (EA), my certification as an Environmental Health Coach and my years of experience in this work allow me to focus my education and experience on the intricate developmental needs of your child. I am passionate about helping children and families implement the changes they need to make to put them on a path toward lifetime wellness.

Belinda’s Certifications & Coursework

  • AADP Certified Health Coach
  • Epidemic Answers Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Environmental Health Coach
  • Electro-Pollution Fix Course by Nick Pineault
  • Brain Connex Professional Training
  • The Art of Digestive Wellness course by Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMCP, BCHN, LDN
  • AIP Certified Coach
  • Vaccines Demystified by Dr. Erika Krumbeck, ND

Belinda’s Story:

You’ve done all the research online and you’ve visited all the specialists, but your child is still experiencing some of the external symptoms that won’t seem to go away – the eczema, the constipation, the food allergies. You’ve tried all the creams, you’ve given your child all the medications and supplements, you’ve done your best to piece together a nutritional plan based on what you’ve learned, but you can’t shake the sense that you’re missing an important root cause..
Or you just know deep down the information you’re finding online is not only confusing and contradictory at times, it isn’t personalized to what your growing child needs to thrive and be healthy.

I’ve been there, too.

I know what it feels like to be frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of information that exists out there when it comes to health and wellness.
I began my work in holistic wellness to help expectant mothers feel empowered and educated to deliver healthy babies. I knew I needed to shift my focus when parents started coming to me in despair that their children exhibiting symptoms consistent with chronic underlying conditions.

My turning point

The big turnaround came for me when I also experienced the frustration of having a child with symptoms that didn’t make sense and were unrelated to his nutrition. I discovered there were imbalances in his body caused by the environment we were living in that were keeping him from being completely well.
The changes we made as a family made all the difference and set me on a mission to help other parents make decisions that will positively impact their children in the present and throughout their lives.
Since then, I’m passionate about helping guide parents to getting their children back to a place of health. I believe your child’s health and nutrition should be personalized to who they are and what they need.

Education and Coaching Services

My support services not only the child who is suffering from health issues, but the changes we make for the individual child always improve the health and vitality of the entire family.

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