New Services Coming January 2022

Educational and coaching support services for pediatricians and their clients – launching January 2022.

Learn how to support healing

Personalized wellness plan for your patients

Return to optimal health

As a pediatrician, you have some patients who need additional support that cannot be provided during a visit with you.

Some parents have a diagnosis for the health challenges their child is experiencing. As a pediatrician, you want them to know what they can do at home to support the healing process with the addition of the prescription you made.

These patients could benefit greatly from a trusted coach who can spend time digging into lifestyle factors and support parents in building new habits that will benefit their children’s health.

“Grateful to have her support…”

“Belinda is the most knowledgeable practitioner I have worked with on a wide range of subjects, including women’s health and children’s health. I feel so grateful to have her support in caring for my child whenever challenges arise.
Because of her support, I can parent confidently knowing I am doing everything I can (in multiple areas: diet, movement, etc.) to keep my family as healthy possible. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of some guidance with their children’s health.”

Education and Coaching

S E R V I C E S  A V A I L A B L E:

Full Nutritional &
Lifestyle Plan

Our aim is to have a nourished child, not just well fed. We focus on healthy lifestyle changes that will help the child thrive so they can grow into a healthy and well rounded adult. 

Zoom Meetings

During our call, we will discuss more in detail the problems faced, and will make a plan to address those issues.

If needed, we can meet on a regular basis to check on progress and make adjustments to optimize the child’s health.

We Are a Good Fit
If You Are…

Aware that proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle are important parts of keeping children healthy.

If the parents of your patients are overwhelmed because they are on the internet learning from people you don’t trust.

Aware that parents are an important part in your patient’s ability to heal and or stay healthy. You have parents who are willing to do the work at home and will put the time and other resources in to improve their child’s ability to heal and stay healthy.

What My Clients Say

After always hearing that the symptoms my children had were ‘normal’ I came across Belinda and I am soo thankful for contacting her! She is very knowledgeable, clear and straight forward. She cares for children’s health and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to raise a healthy child. She has helped us a lot and made a difference in our lives.
– Amal T.
Belinda is so knowledgable and kind. She is honest and shares so much valuable information. Within days of implementing her recommendations I have noticed healthy changes in my son. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone wanting to raise healthy children
– Waseela K.

I consulted Belinda about my two children (1,5 year and 4 years old). Both of them had problems that the GP or paediatrician weren’t worried about, but as a Mum I knew that this was not normal.

Belinda took my worries seriously and confirmed that there was an underlying issue. After following her instructions, I could see an improvement in my children within days. The healing itself will take longer, but thanks to her I’m confident in what I can and have to do, so that they can thrive.

Belinda has a wealth of knowledge. She considers not only one angle for the child’s well-being but puts a lot of puzzle pieces together to really get a full picture of what’s needed for the child to heal and thrive.

She’s a wonderful person who truly cares about a child’s health and it’s a blessing that I found her and was able to consult her for the health of my children.

– Caroline H.
Belinda is an incredible wealth of information that’s ESSENTIAL to anyone wanting to raise healthy children, or start their own journey to health. She gives invaluable well rounded and direct information and leaves no stone unturned. Her passion for children and others that are serious about true health is unmatched. My only regret is not hiring her years ago.
– Duque F.
A wonderful caring woman with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping families! Belinda helped me build my foundation for preparing for pregnancy for free for a whole month! She guided me and gave me the tools I needed to continue my journey to a healthier version of me, I also enrolled on to a more detailed course in preparation for pregnancy, where Belinda shared great information and resources. Forever grateful for opening my eyes and widening my horizons when it comes to health
– Ruby A.
I have followed Belinda on Instagram for quite some time. SO KNOWLEDGABLE. Will share information that most people would have a hard time digesting. But even though it’s hard to believe, doesn’t mean it’s not true!!!! People need to start asking why our kids are so sick. She asks those questions. She considers all factors, including environment.
– Natalia A.
OMG! I don’t even know where to start to express how much Belinda has help us! First of all, I have yet to find someone as knowledgeable as her, why if I even need to, will go back as long as I can afford it, and trust me I will make it happen as no other option compares to the support I got! But most importantly, she will not let you be until will get to the root of your child’s health issues 👏🏻👏🏻
– Ionela G.
If you are looking to heal at the root cause, learn more about what is affecting children today and understand how to protect your children holistically, I’d highly recommend Belinda Motaze.
– Naeema R.
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